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Reverse-Proxy and WSGI module and other things not working


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I am running Coral 8.5.4 on Win7x64.


Apache is running.


However, when adding the following line to httd_conf, Apache stops working.


LoadModule WSGI_module modules/mod_wsgi.so


I have downloaded windows binaries of mod_wsgi.so from the following link and placed it into the right folder.







On separate note, also trying to set up reverse proxies also prevent Apache from running. All used to work well on an Orion version.



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The version of mod_wsgi.so you are trying to use was compiled for Apache 2.2 and is not compatible with Apache 2.4 used in the Coral series.


Regarding reverse proxies please provide more detail as to what does not work and any errors stated in the Apache log files.


Note: Deleted cross post to avoid duplication.

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