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php 4 and eAccelerator and APC

Blake Senftner

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PHP 4 is no longer actively being developed. See http://php.net for more info on this, and especially "Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5".


The Uniform Server dropped support for PHP 4 in 2009 with version 4-Mona.

If you're using PHP 4 with Coral, you're really in unknown territory. Sorry.


As for eAccelerator, that project has apparently terminated. While there MAY be others who can fiddle with the code, it appears to be no longer "officially" supported. If you go to https://eaccelerator.net/, you'll find that their SSL certificate has expired. No changes have been made to the code since 2010.




I tested it just now with Coral_8.5.4 (which uses PHP 5). The APC control panel looks very nice. :)


Bottom line: PHP 4 is pretty well dead for a viable production site. It's time to move along.




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