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Directory Confusion


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This is the first of several points on which I am confused.


Oladije, thanks for all your help, and if I can get answers for today's confusions from another thread here, the Wiki, the docs, a FAQ list, or a tutorial elsewhere on the Web, please just point me to it!


So, confusion #1 for today - directory structure:


diskw (or W:\, as far as Apache is concerned) contains the favicon.ico, and these folders:

- \www

---Here are some HTML files, including the default index.htm - titled "Apache Test" (which says, "Here has to be your server.")

---I have added my own *.htm files here, along with some of their image files - .gif, .jpeg

--- and there is an .htaccess file - but I'll ask about that in another post...

--- and there is a test.php file - called from a link on the Apache Test page

- \cgi-bin contains:

--- another .htaccess file and

--- *.cgi files - so far, only the two default ones linked from the Apache Test page

- \usr contains:

----\bin, where perl executables reside

----\lib, containing a lot of .pm files, and other stuff I'd better not ask about...

----\local, containing Apache stuff, mysql stuff, and Php stuff. Sounds important.

- \home, with these folders:


----\CGI - lots more .cgi files, and an .htaccess file

----\program, with the uniserver.exe file

----\WWW, which contains the Uniform Server "Main Page" as index.htmL,

----- as well as some other important stuff like phpMyAdmin, and a plugins folder holding phpfm.0.2.3 and PHP-pear

-\plugins, holding the two FTP applications I downloaded from the Uniform Server site (Are these files in the right place? Should they be in w:\home\www\plugins?)

-\tmp, holding two mysterious files - sess_6o10kb07ipvuf0i2r6njalcb34 and sess_s09ui6qnstv93bvrbn79m19fk3 - I won't even think about asking what THEY'RE for...


My confusion is - why does the Apache Test page suggest that I DELETE w:\cgi-bin AND w:\www ? If I do that, where do I put the pages I want to serve? Where do I put cgi scripts, which would normally go in the \cgi-bin folder?


As I said, if this is explained somewhere else, just point me to it!


EDIT: I just found the serverstructure.txt file in the doc folder :angry:

It answers a lot of my confusion, but I'm still not sure if I can delete w:\cgi-bin AND w:\www!


- Jeff

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Dont! It does not say delete it, it says clean it. It only means that it would delete the unneeded files and leave it open. It wont delete the folders!

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