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Weird Pausing During HTTP Download


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HTTP via Apache 2.4/Chrome over LAN: btwsH.png


FTP via FileZilla Server/Chrome over LAN: rJvvV.png


I'm not quite sure what the problem is I've tried turning memory mapping and sendfile off and on.


Server: Windows XP Pro using Uniform Server, NetLimiter, Hamachi, Windows Firewall, No AV I should mention the DocumentRoot is hosted on an external usb HDD.


Client(s): Windows 7


I've noted the points it pauses: 4, 68, 132 ... 64n+4 MB (not sure if it's MiB or MB, just going off Chrome)


XAMPP works and so does Uni 8.0.0 and it goes slow but doesn't pause if I turn mmap off.


I've tested it on both an external and internal HDD.


Hopefully someone can shed light on what I'm doing wrong?

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A wild guess is this has nothing to do with Apache. However, there are too may factors and too little info to verify this. You may be seeing the result of buffers filling and "buffer bloat." Again, no way for me to be sure.




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