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Wordpress operating locally on TUS, how to synchronize to webserver


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beeing a complete newbee I finally managed to set up Wordpress to work locally on my PC using The Uniform Server.

Before doing so, I also created a user account on wordpress.com, enabling me to do my first blogging! (http://esp1h.wordpress.com/)

Now, I would like to continue that blog locally, because where I live the internet connection occasionally is veeery slow!

Can someone give me clear instructions on how to do so - sort of "for dummies" instruction?? I have tried to search the forum and the internet, and both due to the fact of the slow connection and my newbee skills, it has been very timeconsuming...

Running wordpress 3.3.1 on The Uniform Server Program Coral 8.5.1


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These are two totally separate blogs. If you want to put the contents of blog A (on WprdPress.com) into blog B (local), you need to do one of two things.


First choice is to use tools>export and import from within WordPress. You'll have to install and activate the import plugin on your local blog. This worked just fine for me, and I'll be using this method from now on.


Second choice is to copy and paste individual posts using the post editors of each blog. It's tedious and you're bound to forget some small detail in this process, but it does work.


Since there's not an option to get a database dump, we won't even go there.




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