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dl() Function Undefined

Len Jacobson

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I am using a third-party product (WHMCS) that requires the PHP function 'dl()', which dynamically loads extensions. In the PHP manual, there is a message that says "This function has been removed from some SAPIs in PHP 5.3."


When I tried to execute the installation code of WHMCS, it failed with a message: "Call to undefined function dl() in ...".


In the 'php.ini' file, I saw that the parameter, 'enable_dl', is 'Off'. I changed that to 'On', but still the 'dl()' function is undefined.


Can someone please help me past this problem?


Thank you.

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As I see it, WHMCS is used for managing web hosting accounts. In the grand scheme of things, I fail to see where The Uniform Server would apply. I would expect that WHMCS would be put directly on a Linux host along with cPanel, not on a Windows-based production environment. I'm just rather confused as to why you are using this with The Uniform Server.


Leaving that aside, I'm sure that the version of WHMCS you have (which you failed to specify) is restrained to a particular version of PHP. This is apparently older than PHP 5.3.


My advice is to download an older version of The Uniform Server that has the PHP version matched to what your WHMCS version requires. The other alternative is to get a more current copy of WHMCS or request their support on this issue.




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I am using the latest version of WHMCS.


The reason I want to use it on the Uniform Server is to test our coding that makes use of WHMCS.


You are probably right, that installing an older version of the Uniform Server would fix this problem. But I want to use the latest of both WHMCS and the latest Uniform Server.n


Thank you for trying to help.

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