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When I click on view www in the uniform server instead of going directly to my web page it gives me a choice of two things, my website:Joomla 2.5 and favcon and them i have to click on Joomla2.5 to get to my home page. If someone from outside tries to access my site they face the same thing.


Can someone please help me correct this. I realize it was a mistake I made in setting up the localhost server.

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Note that what this does is to make your Joomla content the only content for the site, which may be just what you want. This is typically what's desired. Your users type in http://mysite.org and that goes directly to the www directory. The www/index.php file gets executed and they're into the content.


Other possibilities include vhosts and subdirectories, like http://mysite.org/online where that subdirectory has the content they want. Note that there are more security considerations if you have subdirectories, since that implies there are other subs for other users....




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Thanks Traxxus, dumping the Joomla25 folder into www did the job for me. I also left the favicon folder because I believe I saw somewhere you should and it has not interferred. It now working the way I want.


Thanks for the explaination Bobs as i am not too knowledgeable about all of this.

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