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PEAR IInstallation: "An Exception Has Occurred"


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This is what happens when I try and install PEAR using 7.1.15 and aslo happened on 7.1.14 before upgrading.



Loading zlib: ok Bootstrapping Installer................... Bootstrapping PEAR.php............(remote)

An Exception Has Occurred


Unknown location: /pear/pear-core/branches/PEAR_1_6/PEAR.php

HTTP Response Status


404 Not Found


ok Bootstrapping Archive/Tar.php............(remote)



Any idea why this is happening? I have used this before and have installed PEAR with no problems.

However this time I am on Windows 7 64bit as before I was not.


Upon going to where /pear/ is, all folders are empty and no folder called /pear-core/ if that's where it is looking. Even installed as administrator in case it was not able to write/save files for some reason during install.

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Yeah, we know.

The PEAR folks moved their repository, breaking this installation method, which the also say won't be fixed.

Coral series has PEAR preinstalled for just this reason.

For all others, there's an alternate method, which you must perform from a command prompt. See this post: http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?s...post&p=9818

While it's set for Coral, it solves the same basic problem. You'll have to adjust for the differences between 7-Orion and 8-Coral.




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