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is it possible to run php 5.3 in Coral 8.4.0?

Guest bsenftner

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You can extractg the PHP subdirectory from an earlier Coral version, like Coral_8.1.2. This has PHP 5.3.10, which was a security update.


The MAIN problem will be matching all the paths in the php.ini files with what's in uni_con\config_tracker.ini of the 8.4.0 version.


Unpack the two versions of The Uniform Server into two different directories. I suggest you use C:\Coral_8_4_0 and C:\Coral_8_1_2 as the names.

Copy the usr\local\php directory of the older version to the newer one. Then edit each PHP*.ini file and change all "C:/Coral_8_1_2/UniServer" references to "C:/Coral_8_4_0/UniServer".


Keep this updated directory as a template -- DON'T run it, as this will trigger the automatic path change mechanism. I suggest you change the containing directory to "C:\Coral_8_4_x" to differentiate it. you can 7zip it so it stays as a unit. Then you can create a COPY of it and run that instead.


I believe that's all that's necessary to drop back. Be sure to update this thread with your results. :)




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