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can't access local host and server menu too small

Tom Carnevale

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I recently installed Uniform Server on a new machine running Windows 7. I'm pretty sure I followed directions correctly. Three immediate problems (all strange since I've used the software previously on other machines).

  1. Server Menu is too small and can't be adjusted. See image attached.
  2. can't access localhost
  3. can't access phpMyAdmin

Tried in browser. No luck. Looked at C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. Contained localhost


Help appreciated.




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Remove the installation, download again an unpack. That might fix the issue.


As for the screenshot in previous post, if you pay close attention you may noticed that the font size or window border size has be manually increased. Please, either reduce border padding or restore windows' default size.

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Tried that. The same problem.


The strangest part, at least to me, is the server menu not showing correctly.



Hi Tom,


You can fix this issue by following steps:

1) Open your latest UniServer installation folder.

For Example: \Coral_8_4_0\UniServer\uni_con


2) Go to "uni_con" folder

3) Open "uni_con_program.hta" file in any good text Editor like Notepad++

4) on line no 10-11 you will find below given code:


var hta_width = 750; // Set Application width

var hta_height = 500; // Set Application height


5) just increase the height and refresh your server window using F5 key.

6) done


I hope this will be helpful to you.



Jignesh Raval

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