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Mambo Template Issue on Uniform Server


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Good Evening;


Forgive me if this has been covered, I have been unable to find any information about this problem.


I have a Mambo site running on a Bluehost.com hosted site without any issues. I have setup a local Uniform Server (3.2a) on my Windows 2000 SP4 machine. I copied the files from the Bluehost service, backed up the database and set it up on the local Uniform Server. I'm running Mambo 4.5.2. Everything seems to work fine, I can browse the site, create new documents, edit documents, etc. Where I'm running into problems is if I goto the Site Template manager or Admin Template manager in Mambo. I get a message


"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in W:\www\LSCOGMambo\includes\domit\xml_domit_lite_parser.php on line 78"


when I click on either link. I have cleared the files and redownloaded them, I use Filezilla Ftp to download the files. The ONLY file I change is the configuration.php, and I just put in the local directory, database name, and change the db user and password for the local server.


I'm stumped, and while I'm not an expert at all, I really don't know where to turn. I've read that the unexpected $end message most likely means I'm missing a "}" somewhere, but since I'm not changing any of the real working files of the Mambo system, I'm confused as to why I'm having this problem locally and not on Bluehost.


For the sake of giving you all the information I have, I looked just now at Bluehost.com, and they are running PHP 4.3.11, and MySql 4.0.25. Could the newer version of PHP or different version of MySql be causing the issue? Perhaps I could just install the PHP4 plugin, as of today I have installed no plugins.


Any advise is welcome,





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This has nothing to do with the server, version or anything. It has to do with the programming... ;)


You may have to install a fresh copy and then export the old things to the new installations.


It might be the FTP Client or Line Breaks or something... :angry:

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