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RQ: SQLite


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Dear DevTeam,

after no answer I'll give HowTo I run it myself.


First you'll need latest available version of SQLiteManager 1.2.4 it's FREE!!!


and the latest SQLite 3.7.10


Extract the archive to C:\UniServer\home\Sqlitemanager


Edit in php.ini












Edit in httpd.conf


Alias /test_access "C:/UniServer/home/access/www/"

<Directory "C:/UniServer/home/access/www/">

Order allow,deny

Allow from all



Alias /sqlite "C:/UniServer/home/Sqlitemanager"

<Directory "C:/UniServer/home/Sqlitemanager">

Options All

AllowOverride AuthConfig

Order allow,deny

Allow from All



You can access SQLite Manager via Web Browser at: or http://localhost/sqlite/index.php


In bold I put what need to change to give both SQLite and SQLiteManager (like phpMyAdmin is web based)


Can somebody test and give me feedback and of course need to secure it via .htaccess (need help here) ???


Thanks in advance!


N.B. Smarty 3.1.8 as template engine will be good too to be added in my opinion and giant step with others WAMP competitors!

...and will be more useful for Web Developers.

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