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Uniform Server 8.2.0-Coral


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Uniform Server 8.2.0-Coral Released:


This version of The Uniform Server is the first release

that includes the new Apache 2.4.1 core.


Core components:

Apache 2.4.1

MySQL 5.5.20

PHP 5.3.10


Go-Pear 1.1.6 - Preinstalled

msmtp 1.4.27

eAccelerator 1.0-snv427

APC 3.1.7

OpenSSL 1.0.0e

ActivePerl via Installer

Cron - Scheduler

DtDNS - IP address updater

db_backup - Database back-up



UniServer 8.2.0-Coral




The Uniform Server Development Team :blink:

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The Apache httpd.conf and associated extra conf files need to be UPDATED to the new directives in Apache 2.4. Currently they are set for Apache 2.2, and there are SIGNIFICANT changes between the two versions.


I suggest you WAIT for version 8.2.1 and use 8.1.2 in the meantime....




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