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Test email not working


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I am using the 8.1.0 uniserver on windows 2003 server. All is well, except I dont know what to do to send a test email. I tested it with the MSMPT using a gmail account, but nothing happens, what am I missing? I read the wiki, but it didnt help me much. I know im missing something, but I dont know where to look.

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Did you look in the msmtp LOG file? Did you get a popup telling you it sent a message? Did you set the default to gmail?


Note that the account specified in the msmtprc.ini is the FROM account,, and you're sending to ANOTHER email address.




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I have to apologise. I made the most rediculous error in my msmtprc file. I had the log file directory set wrong, so it couldnt find it to enter any info into it. To be honest, I wouldnt have seen it if I hadn't read your post, so thank you. This is what it looked like. I screwed up by initially launching the uniserver from the desktop. I have had to go through and remove all references to the desktop lol. I just didnt get the one in the log file for the mailer. Im sorry for being so stupid lol


logfile "C:/Uniserver/ and settings/UniServer/msmtp/msmtp.log"

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