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Using the Unix 'tar' Command

Len Jacobson

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I have a line of code that invokes the 'system()' function, and the command passed to the 'system()' function is the 'tar' command. This code works perfectly when I run it on my (Linux) production server; when I run it on the 'Uniform Server', I get an empty file as its output.


Can anyone tell me why this doesn't work and if there is a way to make it work?


Thank you very much.


(This addendum I am adding several hours later.)


My question is ridiculous. I realized shortly after posting my question (when I was no longer at home near my computer) that the 'system()' command can only execute Windows commands. Since 'tar' is not a Windows command, there is no way my code could work on the Uniform Server.


Sorry for bothering people with this query.

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