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Coral 8.1.0RC2


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Coral-8 new release candidate has been published.

Please test and post any problems or issues you find on the forum.




- Updated MySQL to 5.5.20

- Updated PHP to 5.3.9

- Updated msmtp to 1.4.27

- Added separate css and image folders to www and ssl

resolves htaccess conflict

- Issue with @ in MySQL password, updated regex in us_my_ini_get

- Create Restricted MySQL User - displays message database already

exists, although correct this is no longer displayed

- Log_files_clear.hta Selet all" should be "'Select all

- MySQL, phpMyAdmin and all users use instead of localhost

- MySQL documentation updated to reflect use of IP

- Pear core preinstalled.

- Added tracker to Pear index.php to update configuration paths

- Added ZoneAlarm detection - The ZoneAlarm application conflicts with

the Apache Server producing a blue screen of death when Apache is closed.



UniServer 8.1.0RC2-Coral



The Uniform Server Development Team :)

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Thanks Ric.


I've done some preliminary checking, and there are enough problems that we should not release this version. This is more a notice to others not to waste their time downloading and testing this.


I'm sending you a full list by email....




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Thanks Bob,


I agree bit of a mess! :)


Last night I worked through your bug list and corrected accordingly. Will perform final tests tonight, if all goes well will publish RC3.


All the best

Ric :P

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