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UniServer 8.1.0RC1 BUG


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Hi guys,


Sorry I posted here but I do not have access to the beta forum to post my findings.


When UniServer 8.1.0RC1 is launched the first time it asks you to change your password as usual. This is what I've reproduced several times...


When using complex password, specifically characters such as "@" the installation breaks. MySQL service hangs and the user has to manually force the service to stop and end all running instances of the application.


After that, the server configuration window will not longer work. MySQL users cannot be created, permissions cannot be set and databases cannot be created (FROM THE MySQL SERVER CONFIGURATION WINDOW)


Users are left with no options but to use phpMyAdmin or a third party application to manage databases.


I tried to figure it out before and I have posted about this issue currently in Coral 8.0:



Basically a password such as "mysql@dm1n" will break it because of the "@" not being properly parsed by the



Test it out.

<p class="bbc_center"><span style="font-size:12px;"><strong>Yoni</strong></span></p>

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