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Coral 8.0.0 Apache Virtual host


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I think you may have "overcharged" the form.

For a test, start with a clean Apache Virtual Host form. Fill in ONLY the following

Document Root: C:\UniServer\vhosts\v1

Server Name: v1.xyz


Press "Confirm"

ALL the fields are then properly filled in, and "Create Vhost" should be available.

When you create the vhost (and restart Apache), you should be able to access the new host as http://v1.xyz , but you must put some content in the new root directory. I make up a simple index.html that tells me it's being served from V1, the ID of my vhost, which is at http://v1.xyz. Since The Uniform Server puts an entry in the HOSTS file for this, it resolves to, but then Apache filters the request for "v1.xyz" to go to the proper virtual host.


This DOES work. I just used it on a test version of Coral 8.0.0, and then installed a WordPress instance.



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