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how to update 8.0 Coral proper?


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Short answer: there's no automated way to do this.


Kris_fr maintains a site where you can get a differential for updating to the next revision. See this entry, and you can also check out the full thread.


The only problem I've had using these is that they don't handle deletion of unwanted files, so the garbage will continue to grow. :(


Secondly, even though this next thread mentions older versions, it has the best general recipe for upgrading:



Updating the application code is far easier than updating the databases. While InnoDB may port directly, it's NOT designed to do that. Yo really should do a DB export and import to keep it all intact. It's far too easy to lose your whole database with any copy-paste method. MyISAM, on the other hand, is all self-contained, even though it's not as robust.


A Wiki article covering this is on my project list.




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