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UniServer 8.1.0RC1, 8.2.0B1 and 8.3.0B1


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UniServer 8.1.0RC1, 8.2.0B1 and 8.3.0B1 Released:


Significant changes have been made to Coral-8 hence a new release candidate has been published along with a new versions of Coral UniTray. Please test these and post any problems or issues you find on the forum.


UniServer 8.1.0 release candidate:




- Updated MySQL to 5.5.19

- Updated msmtp to 1.4.26

- phpMyAdmin updated to 3.4.9

- Renamed php.ini_production to php_production.ini

- Renamed php.ini_development to php_development.ini

- Bug fixes core_functions_inc.vbs core_config_inc.vbs

- Renamed ssl.conf to httpd-ssl.conf

- Added language file Portuguese.vbs

- Added support for portable Firefox

- Added support for portable Opera

- Added support for portable GoogleChrome

- Updated files and documentation

- Updated Coral UniTray to match 8.1.0

- Updated php_accelerators.html button enable/disable

- Apache configuration separated as per ASF

- TODO Pear update


Coral UniTray Plugin:

Coral UniTray provides an alternative server control interface there are three versions:






Beta releases:

Next year will see final releases of Apache 2.4, PHP 3.9 and PHP 5.4 currently beta and release candidates are stable. These have been integrated into The Uniform Server’s architecture. Coral-8.2.0 and Coral-8.3.0 betas have been published. Again please test these and post any problems or issues you find on the forum.




(Changes made to Coral_8_1_0RC1.exe_

- Apache updated to 2.3.16-beta

- PHP updated to 5.3.9RC3




(Changes made to Coral_8_2_0B1.exe)

- PHP updated to 5.4.0RC4




UniServer 8.*.0-Coral and Coral_Unitray_basic_8_*_0




The Uniform Server Development Team :(

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