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Charset Problem


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Hello when i log in to my ADMIN account on my server Website and i try to add any news that has é or ã it doesn't go. For example i add the news ( Welcome, Nurótos server are fully working ) and it only comes up ( Welcome Nur ) it stops where the (ó) start. I figured out me and my WebMaster that Uniform Server may have a problem with adding stuff like (ó-é-ç-õ) in the characters, i already try to add defaultcharset and it doesn't work, when i change my wamp server it works , but i want to use uniform server ! , anyone can help-me ? thx

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I'm having a problem with the term "Website", since it covers ALL of The Uniform Server and whatever apps you installed. That doesn't narrow it down enough for me to help. I work a bit in Spanish, and the accented characters work just fine in WordPress and other apps.


So first of all, I'd need more detail on exactly what app's ADMIN account and where you're entering this information.




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