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Cant start Coral


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whenever i try to use coral as program and clicking start apache or mysql it only works a while and states "unable to start apache" /mysql


When i check the status it says all ports are fee and apache nor mysql are running.


Because i had problems running both uniserv 7 & 8 before i tried to delete all services through using the following on vista.


sc delete ApacheS1

sc delete US_ApacheS1

sc delete MySQLS1

sc delete US_MySQLS1


The services were gone then. I believe the US_MySQLS1 wasnt installed as a service at this time. So i started coral service and i could only install mysql service. Install Apache was grey. I did and after that i used sc delete on the service. It worked and all services were gone again.


Then i restartet the pc.


I tried coral program and clicked to start apache and got "unable to start..." again. The same was for mysql. When i click start both its a neverending loop of "unable to start apache...".


Then i tried coral service and i couldnt install any service. both were grey. It looks like the program isnt checking if the service exists but instead only saves somewhere when the program itself is deleting a service.


So i cant make coral run. Which is bad because it looks userfriendly. Ill go back to uniserv 7 again and hope it will work.




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This really sounds like UAC interference. Another possible agent of denial is your antivirus or antimalware system. Either of these will prevent Apache and MySQL from performing properly, since they will block the TCP ports.

Since you're on Vista, you probably still have an IPv4 address scheme for localhost, so that is one less avenue to worry about.


What makes this difficult to resolve is the lack of detailed error information. For example, if there is an Apache error.log created, that implies that Apache can at least start, but may not run. The contents of the file would be instructive. Secondly, there may be some useful info in the system event logs.


You can also temporarily turn off the UAC to see what effect that has.




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