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CORAL_8 Corrections ins vbs files


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Corrections in the script core_functions_inc.vbs of the CORAL_8

The first execution shows a message saying that it cannot locate a determined archive, I was behind the explanation and I found...

the way of the current installation was not being updated in config_tracker.ini, I did an alteration in the function init () to update it config_tracker.ini before any other.


After to install and to execute the CORAL_8, I checked that after many calls in the menus the memory simply was blowing up, did then some alterations in the script of functions and from that time the memory is holding out...

Basically this : "Set VAR = Nothing" after the use of the variable VAR.


Besides removing some declarations what I found unnecessary, for ex.:

dim VAR1

VAR1 = value

... call function (VAR1)

I passed for

... call function (value) in this case eliminating lines "dim VAR1" and "VAR1 = value"


In the end of everything I found very better that the version ORION.


(Attached file is a rar file containing core_functions_inc.vbs file)


To purpose, I did not like the elimination of the FireFox Portable like navigator of the UniServer, I suggest to add it.


VERY MUCH APPROVED in my opinion!!!


I use w7Ultimate - PHP 5.2.17 - Apache 2.2.21 - MySQL 5.5.X

note: apache x php found in CORAL_8 not run in my system, i decide to replace for this old versions, and it running normaly.


(oh!!, my english, thanks to google translator... )



Belo Horizonte - MG - Brasil

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Wow! That's quite a bit to process in one bite. We'll have to do some study to understand it, incorporate the changes and retest.


Thanks for your suggestions! We all need to have extra eyeballs looking over the code. That's one of the great advantages of open source.





PS, you might try writing in Portuguese and letting us run the translation :-)

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