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I have installed the plugins it seems to work. But when i try to upload files using FileZilla it does seems to work but the file is not completely uploaded and the log files shows it uploaded succesfully which shouldnt happen.


And causes my uploads to retry many times.

Can someone give me a guide of what is happening here and how to solve?


Thanks. :lol:

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Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional 2006 cannot upload to it either (nor can windows built in one if you type ftp.(ip) into windows explorer(any folder on your pc ..)


If you watch the server log on Quick & Easy FTP it instantly after login( and during upload attempt) that the connection has timed out.


Wish i knew how to fix this :-\ .. cant get the other ftp server plugin to work either ...






Well i wanted a working ftp server soo i did a google search for a newer version of quick $ easy ftp and found the makers website and downloaded the latest version (the lite version because the other two cost $ and not really worth it at the time) and it works PERFECT with The Uniform server no setup required just unzip it anywhere and run the exe and setup accounts and then click connect and its on and working :lol:


Link: http://www.pablosoftwaresolutions.com/html...erver_lite.html


EDIT #2:

Quick 'n Easy FTP Server Lite only allows 3 user accounts :-\ BUT! if you edit the user account file your self you can squize in 5 (I just wanted to see if it would auto delete more or not ... past 5 it does!)

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