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Kind of lost with WAMP


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Before anything else, please forgive any grammar or spelling mistake and the fact tan I am completely new (yes I am a newbie) to WAMP solutions.


I am looking for a production grade WAMP solution.


“Googling” I found some and the ones I like best are:


www.devside.net (WampDeveloper Pro)






However, I surprise me than none of then uses their solution to host their product websites:


WampDeveloper Pro (by devside.net) uses Linux/Apache


Uniformserver uses Linux/LiteSpeed


Wampserver uses Linux/Apache


Easyphp.org uses Linux(Debian)/Apache


AMPP uses Linux(Unix)/Apache


UWAMP uses Linux/LiteSpeed




I cannot stop wondering why….

Why not use it on your own precut site? Not doing it says much about your product…..

Not even the ones than claimed their WAMP solution as production ready are using it.


So current WAMP are only for development or testing.



Thanks for any feedback



PS Not including the ZEND CE for windows (has not MySQL on the buddle)


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So I guess what you're really asking is, "If your WAMPS are so hot, why don't you use them to power your sites?" Right?


The MAIN reason: Our hosting providers use a different solution to do their business.


The PRIMARY purpose of a WAMP/LAMP solution is to create a test environment for your web development, one that doesn't actually put it out in public for all to see. The advantage of The Uniform Server is that it CAN be made Internet available (production-ready), provided you understand and address all the security risks. By this, I'm saying that you should always use the latest version of The Uniform Server in order to keep Apache, MySQL and PHP (and other components) properly patched. You must also have your operating system (Windows) highly secured and updated in order to make it Internet-safe. That's a lot of work for a small site, and requires vigilance.


Also, if you expect a lot of traffic, you'll also have to have a machine and Internet connection that can handle it. Your local ISP would NOT be happy if you got 500,000 hits in a day on you home connection. This is why it makes more sense for a popular website to be professionally hosted.


Hope this answers your question adequately.




PS. There are several more WAMP/LAMP solutions out there than you listed. Of all the offerings, I notice that none are updated as often or as quickly as The Uniform Server. Because of this, they present a bigger security problem.

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Great observation - not eating your own dog food? Security is fairly easy sounds like more of an excuse than anything else. I would bet to say that most of us using UniServer are using it for a small site because Windows is much easier to manage than Linux. It is a great alternative to XAMPP or LAMP is that UniServer has the built-in cache and does not install on Windows. I would consider UniServer.com a fairly small site.


To be honest, I was let down with that response. This kinds of reminds me of when I use to review products. I would often find manufacturers who were selling a product which was created for creating lessons, they would almost always use PowerPoint to show off the product. The obvious question is why are you not using your product to demonstrate/educate about the feature and benefits? The answer I got was, the person providing the demonstration is familiar with Powerpoint - ouch!


What I get from the response from BobS is that UniServer is primarily for development and not for production - reason is because of security issues. Any flavor of WAMP tells the user there are security issues with everything, you just have to be practical in setting up the environment.

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