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.php file parsing


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I come across this problem after i installed a forum script.


Usually when you upload those script files or upload them onto a server. The .php files should be rearranged in proper manner instead of compacted lines.


But for my case when i put in the files into the WWW folder, what happen is that when i try to edit any .php files, it doesnt appear nicely as its break up commands.

Instead it appear like all in one compacted line or paragraphs.


Can anyone tell me why is this happening.

Is there any configurations i need to do in order to make the .php files more easily readable?? :lol:

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Unless when the scripts are prased, they are re-written.. i have no idea, i also have had this problem before, but not with Uniform Server, but my hosting. I think its the script or the editor and not the server...? :lol:

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I think it's something to do with differences in how mac, windows, and *nix systems do line breaks. Try conTEXT; I've had this happen to me several times and it always displays the line breaks properly even when notepad doesn't.

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