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UniServer 8.0.B4-Coral


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Uniform Server 8.0.B4-Coral Released:



phpMyAdmin updated to 3.4.6

Added support for msmtp in php-cli.ini configuration file

Added support for UniTray plugin (English only version)

Service bugfix


Core components:

Apache 2.2.21

MySQL 5.5.16

PHP 5.3.8

phpMyAdmin 3.4.6

Go-Pear 1.1.6

msmtp 1.4.24

eAccelerator 1.0-snv427

OpenSSL 1.0.0e

UniController - Seperate menus: Run as Program and Run as Spervice

UniController - Language support: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Russian

Documentation - Included. Pages in HTML format.


Folder UniServer\wiki_material\quick_install_guides contains the following quick guides:

Installing Moodle 2.1.1

Installing Drupal 7.7

Installing Wordpress 3.2.1

Installing ProjectPier 0.8.6

Installing MediaWiki 1.17.0


These guides highlight some of Uniform Server 8-Coral’s integrated configuration tools. In particular creating a restricted user for accessing a specific database. The above guides will eventually be published on the Wiki.




UniServer 8.0.B4-Coral


Please note this beta contains Google translated language pages these will be replaced when final language files become available from translators.


Please report any problems or issues on the forum. If you have suggestions or ideas for enhancements these would be most welcome again post on the forum.




The Uniform Server Development Team ;)

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