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Idiot Proof Server Start?


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Hi all,


I am currently running a mobile server using your program and it appears to be going pretty well and my scripts work fine on the server.


I am however having a few difficulties running the server in the process. It runs ok with a bit of tinkering (running the diagnostics a few times, taking the USB out and putting it back in again etc.), but the people who will actually be using the server won't be technologically savvy - they won't know where to start with the 'tinkering'.


Is there any reliable way I could have a nice clean file that when double clicked would start all services reliably and boot up index.html in a browser of my choosing?


My php script appears to only work with Chrome so I'd need this to be defined...


The machines would be running Windows 7 with UAC turned off and an AV that I would be able to configure...


Thanks for any advice



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DrLeandro is on the right track. He did assume you're using 8-Coral and not an earlier version. You'll likely want to change the FireFox line to start Chrome instead.


The same basic stuff applies to 7-Orion. Only the names have been changed ("to protect the innocent" :) or confuse the guilty).

Look under alternative_control for the Start_server.bat, which starts both Apache and MySQL.




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