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UniServer 8.0.B3-Coral


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UniServer 8.0.B3-Coral Released:


The Uniform Server Development team is pleased to announce first public beta release of the new Coral series.


This new version is a significant rewrite of the control programs. The tray-based control panel has been converted to an html application program (.hta) referred to as UniController. Apanel has been scrapped and its functions are now all in a server control panel in UniController. Included is a new, detailed documentation set in HTML format.


Core components:

Apache 2.2.21

MySQL 5.5.16

PHP 5.3.8

phpMyAdmin 3.4.5

Go-Pear 1.1.6

msmtp 1.4.24

eAccelerator 1.0-svn427

OpenSSL 1.0.0e

UniController - Separate menus: Run as Program and Run as Service

UniController - Language support: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Russian

Documentation - Included. Pages in HTML format.



UniServer 8.0.B3-Coral


Please note: this beta contains Google translated language pages. These will be replaced when the final language files become available from translators.


Please report any problems or issues on the forum. If you have suggestions or ideas for enhancements, these would be most welcome. Again, post on the forum.



The Uniform Server Development Team ;)

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