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Migrate SQL database from WAMP to Uniserver


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We are currently trying to switch from using WAMP, to UniServer. The main issue is trying to find where in the directory structure to insert our exported data from WAMP. Is it simply copying and pasting the sql file into a directory or is it more complicated? If it is as easy as pasting into a directory, which one would accomplish this?



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Normally I don't recommend the simple cut and paste, but you can give it a try. :)

It's typically the app data that messes things up.


All MySQL data is stored in \usr\local\mysql\data. Caveat: MyISAM tables will transfer properly, but InnoDB tables are all combined in the ibdata and ib_logfile. They don't transfer as well. Instead you should do an export/import of the SQL using phpMyAdmin. You'll also get a chance to scan for path strings in the data, which would make your app fail (even though the DB worked fine).

Even if you're changing between MySQL versions, the copy/paste will still work, since I don't think that the structure has been modified much. Example: the application plugins made for 5.6-Nano work properly with 7-Orion versions, and they're all MyISAM-based.




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