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Proper Way To Backup MySQL


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Not really, although you may luck out. There are many apps that put path-related info in the DB, such as WordPress. While these can often be repaired with phpMyAdmin edits, it's still not the "right" way. There are two much more portable methods.


Since version 5.3-Nano there is a Database Backup function built in to The Uniform Server. Look at the Wiki page http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/5....Database_Backup for details. It create a text-based SQL file. You can also use phpMyAdmin to do a DB Extract to create the same type of SQL file. Both methods have the option to compress this text file in order to save space (as I recall).


Since the output is a text file, you have the option to edit the text fields of the problem records as required. This can also allow you to change from InnoDB structure to MyISAM, if need be.




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