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Cannot Start UniServer


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After installation I went through the security notices and changed the passwords. After about the third one when I stopped and restarted the UniServer it cannot find the local host. I have the icon in the tray and I can access status menu but not the admin menu. Do I need to restart Windows? Any other solutions? Did I do something wrong? I am very new to this and just following step by step.

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First off, is the "latest version" you're using 7.1.7 Orion?

Second, what IP is returned for "localhost"?

Third, what do you get when you try to access the admin menu?



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After restart of system, no changes. Any ideas?


on Windows7, I found that even if I run START.EXE as Administrator, that doesn't do the trick. I have to run \alternative_control\Service_Install_Run.bat as Administrator to get it to run.


full details of how it's supposed to work are here: http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/5....Install_and_Run

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