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Newbie problems


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Hi all,


I've installed Orion as I'm looking to run Wordpress to build a website locally before I find somewhere to host it. Uniserver was recommended, so here I am.


Problem is, I'm a total newb to all this, and I'm finding it tough.


Please indulge me, I have a some questions:


1) When clicking on such as "Admin Panel", I get the message: "There was a problem sending the command to the program". Any reason this might be happening? The program appears to be working normally in terms of actual servers running.


2) Did I need to separately install php and sql? I did this when I first got hold of WordPress, but Uniform Server implies that these things are bundled, but it's not clear to me if they are.


3) Am I choosing a sensible method for achieving my aims (i.e. locally building a basic website before publishing it elsewhere)?


Thanks in anticipation of your advice.

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