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Certificate Generation Warning


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What OS are you running? If it's Vista or Win7, did you run Start.exe as administrator?

My copy of US works fine when I do that.



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Running on Win7 and it's my bad... I think older Start.exe always makes a pop-up warning asking Administrator privileges... Since version 7.x.x (forget the exact version), it stopped asking and I thought that's simply because it doesn't require administrator access anymore... :rolleyes:


The strange thing is, Run_pre_check.exe always asks for administrator privileges, and I always placed UniServer folder in Data Partition (Like D:\, not C:\ or C:\Program Files), so I think Win7 doesn't forbid it though...


Now I have another error... After certificate generation (no warning this time), I stopped Apache, and Apache simply won't start anymore... It just blinking and gone away... I checked error.log and can't find anything new lines written in it...


So I went to httpd.conf and I comment this line:

LoadModule ssl_module modules/mod_ssl.so >>> #LoadModule ssl_module modules/mod_ssl.so


and now Apache can start... But it obviously means that port 443 ssl is disabled... If I uncomment that line, it simply refused to start again...

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