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Explanation of the plugins?


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i dont understand the plugin page. Many Plugins doesnt have a description, i dont know if the php4-plugin will overwrite php5 or if both can be used afterwards and then there are nano plugins with even more plugins in it. So where is a explanation for this all? I wont risk to install things that i dont know what they do or if it is changing something to another state without a way back.




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I found the wiki but there isnt much more info contained. For example it describes how to downgrade to php4 but not if this is php4 & 5 or only 4 at the end.

I would like to see a more detailed description for all plugins. So everyone knows what it is, what it does and if it irreversible.

At the moment you only have cryptical pluginnames and when you have luck somewhere in the directory there is a file that tells you something. Thats not a userfriendly presentation i think. Its a free software, thats right, so all members will do it for free but i think there are many projects like this where the developer earn enough money for a living. So i think making the possibilities of UniServ bigger will make its profile bigger so more people use it.

I think for the moment I wont use plugins until i need something really.

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I guess that depends on what you need to do with UniServer. For example, PHP4 is no longer officially supported, but you may need to set up a development server to help port some old PHP code. That would be a reason for installing the PHP4 plugin. The caveat is that you really need to have the rest of the components match. You might try downloading an earlier UniServer version that has PHP4 already available.




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