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Windows 64 Virtual Host account - Error Port 80 being used by another


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In system status I see below about port 80 being used by another program, any ideas?



================== UNIFORM SERVER STATUS ==================


Your Internet IP Address =

Accessible from Internet = NO

Cron run status = Not running

PHP INI: php.ini file = Production




Apache port = 80

Apache SSL port = 443

Apache executable name = Apache.exe

Apache service name = ApacheS1

Apache SSL server = Disabled

Apache run status = Not running

Apache install status = Free to install




MySQL port = 3306

MySQL executable name = mysqld-opt.exe

MySQL service name = MySQLS1

MySQL run status = Not running

MySQL install status = Free to install




Apache port = 80 In use by another program.

Apache SSL port = 443 Is free to use

MySQL port = 3306 In use by another program.

--------------------------------------------- end

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The fact that you have BOTH port 80 and port 3306 tied up tells me you may have another WAMP running. If it were only port 80, then I'd suggest other choices.


netstat -anbp tcp

to find out more.




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