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Unhandled win32 exception occurred in Apache.exe


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Hey All,


So, I was having a lot of trouble starting the Apache server with Uniform Server 7.1.2-Orion. I kept getting an "Unhandled win32 exception occurred in Apache.exe."


After Googling, searching through the Uniform Server Forum, playing with the Apache configuration, etc. I discovered that a previous install of WAMP was messing me up. The particular culprit was PHP 5.2.14. Once I uninstalled this, Uniform Server worked like a charm. The Uniform Server had a newer version of PHP (5.3.6) compared to my older installed version.


Hopefully this helps someone out by saving them time if they run into the same problem I did.


Note, this was on a Windows XP Service Pack 3 machine and I have Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition installed in case anyone cares.


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Thanks for the comments. It's always a problem to know just how to uninstall or get rid of interference from other WAMPs. The Uniform Server is self-contained by design, so that deleting the main directory will erase ALL of it.




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