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Database table refrencing Site HTML?

Heinz Stapff

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Building My first MySQL database for wholesale products site using myphpAdmin. I'm guessing that as I am trying to work from the server to create the site I should have a list of the html elements in the HTML pages in the order of the HTML set in a table. Something like this;






TYPE:--|PRIMARY+|INDEX---|UNIQUE-----|Text( )-----|ENUM---|INT+-----|VARCHAR( )---|VARCHAR( )


EXPL:--|List of------|#logo--|logo---------|Site Head--|.logo----|counter--|logo.jpg-------|logoOnchange

---------|HTML-------|or-------|or------------|Company--|.Article--|eg. How-|in images-----|in scripts

---------|elements--|id=" "?-|name=" "?-|Logo--------|.Prod----|many-----|sunglasses--|Index.js

---------|in order on|syntax?|syntax?----|as is--------|Drop-----|times-----|syntax?-------|syntax?



The syntax? questions are there to ask what form I should use to use php to manipulate the site best like activating '../scripts/index.js/logoOnchange or loading ../images/sources/logo.jpg. sql Escape characters might be applied to the fields like ../%images/%sources/%logo.jpg to overide sql statement for field input values as long as the images and scripts can be loaded using that value.

Again, I don't know what is best for php use.

Almost imposable to type.

Any advice greatly appreciated :(

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