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[eAccelerator] This build of "eAccelerator" PHP?

Heinz Stapff

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Yeah, I'm a little suprised that I found this in the Apache error log as I've been working on MySQL and had not checked Apache but the error log is continually reporting this in Apache:


[eAccelerator] This build of "eAccelerator" was compiled for PHP version 5.3.6. Rebuild it for your PHP version (5.3.5) or download precompiled binaries.


I believe that was right out of the box and that I have not changed the php version. It might be the version actually running on the PC but I did not know there was one. As I haven't started loading site files to Uniserver folders in D:/ sould I just download the latest Uniserver.exe and start again or is there a PHP.exe running on my PC that has it's own version? Any help greatly appreciated.


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