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I have set up a uniform server on an internal LAN but on peak hour i see a great slowness in access to webserver, what is the default Maxclients for apache uniform server? i can't find it in config files, i think that when all users try to access the website the webserver can't compe with the number, our internal server in teory could be accessed by 400 users .


i have frequent ZEND_MM_HEAP_CORRUPTED errors in error.log with restart of Apache, have you any idea of what could cause this error?



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First off, tuning a server is quite complex, and requires setting a lot of different aspects that are, quite frankly, beyond our scope here.


The default number of "workers" is 250. You can see more by using Apache Status (see Apanel). It invokes this: http://localhost/server-status Most of the tuning parameters are NOT specified in US, because they need to be set for a specific situation.


It's also important to note that your slowness may come from the requests to MySQL, since it's using the same machine.




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