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Problem when update to new version


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i update uniform from version 4.1 to 7.0.9 Orion, but i have problem with display unicode. I copy database from folder data version 4.1 and then paste to version 7.0.9, but when i try run website, it's can not display vietnamses. My old database on version 4.1 is latin1.


When website display charset:

Dự án => Wrong

Dự Án => Correct


I don't know how to bring data from version 4.1 use latin1 to version 7.0.9 (i think default charset in this version is uft8)

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The problem is that your old database is not transferable just by copying. You need to create an SQL extract on the old site using phpMyAdmin and then import that to your new site using phpMyAdmin. This is a fairly detailed task, but is not difficult. Remember that you can do it over with different coding parameters if you don't like the results.




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