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multiple instances?


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Yes, it is possible. You can have as many as 9 different instances.


The simplest way to effect this is through the UniTray icon. Click on the icon, select Advanced > Move Servers multi-server operation. This will open a command window, which will prompt you to acknowledge the changes to the ports and other items required.


Do a test of this so you understand what changes are made. You'll see that the number on the icon will change as well. Note that each time you do the Move Servers, everything increments by one; running it four times, for example, will move the servers to the fourth port set.


You will need to create multiple separate copies of UniServer, and I suggest you do them as UniServer1, Uniserver2, etc. Then run each instance of the UniTray (Start.com) beginning with the highest numbered first. Execute Move Servers as required for that number.


You can look at http://wiki.uniformserver.com/index.php/5....:_Multi-Servers for more info, and although it's a bit dated, it still is valid through 7-Orion.




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There is a UniTray beta: Coral_Unitray_full_8_2_0B1.exe

UniTray updated for 8.5.7-Coral



All the best

Ric :)



1) Out of the box I can now get two instances running. But there is a problem with myphpadmin: it always reads instance 1 mysql database. For example, instance 1 reads mysql1 and instance 2 reads mysql1 rather than mysql2.


2) If on editing my.ini directly with notepad the edit brakes mysql so it will not load and it does not run, I get GREEN rather than RED

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