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Bug Report - IP6 handling


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Orion 7.0.? for windows does not properly handle the IP6 localhost address of ::1


Microsoft SBS 2008 has both definitions in the hosts file, with ::1 last, with the result that all the links to the admin functions are from ::1, and fail with a 403 error.


I suspect that the "Allow From 127.0.01" lines in the configuration need to be changed to include ::1, but there may be other changes also.





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Try disable this lines in \UniServer\www\.htaccess like this:




# Server root folder www .htaccess

# This file provides server security limiting access to the localhost only.

# Comment next four lines to deactivate. (Allows external access)



# Order Deny,Allow

# Deny from all

# Allow from

# Allow from ::1

# Allow from


This will disable uniserver firewall.


As my grandfather would say: "Leave only ONE firewall running on your computer"

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Sorry, DrLeadro, that's NOT the solution for this problem. What you have specified is to open the entire directory to the Internet (the lines are all commented out). Also, the .htaccess files are not referred to as "firewalls," but rather Apache config files. See this location: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/configuring.html#htaccess .


What you got right was the "Allow from ::1" which will pass requests from localhost IPv6 (::1).

You can also add

Allow from 192.168

which will open up your server to the entire intranet, i.e., your private network.




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