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dont have admin panel, phpmyadmin


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hi, i recently have found an intrest in php and thought this would be a good place to start and learn php

i want to eventually run my own server, site and forum ect..

im researching becuase i and someone else wants to start up a mazda rx7 website :)


i downloaded 3.2a and put it to c:/

then downloaded unitray and set up as directed in the readme


i start both with no errors, but when i try to click on "admin panel" or "phpmyadmin" i get a 404 - http://localhost/apanel/phpMyAdmin/

same with admin panel i get a 404 - http://localhost/apanel/

the page cannot be found


am i missing something?


also i was wondering how i can give access to viewers to certain directories, or pages becuase when i try to access lets say... http://xx.xx.xxx.xxx/test.html

it gives me a 403 forbidden



are there any good simple tutorials that i can read which will get me more familliarized with what i want to accomplish(forum, website)

i think i want to try pnphpbb2 ?



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To open your server, delete ot edit the .htaccess file in W:/www


About that error, its a bug in UniTray. This is due to the fact that its a plugin made and built for 3.3 but we had to release it for 3.2, thereby making few mistakes and forgetting to chnage things...


Go to http://localhost/a/ Thats the Admin Panel address on 3.2a-

Start MySQL

Then click phpMyAdmin from the Admin Panel for phpMyAdmin


Good Luck :)

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