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upgrade v5 nano to 7.0.1 Orion


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You cannot upgrade a 5.7.4 to be a 7.0.1 they use different components.


If you mean how to copy a website from 5.7.4 o 7.0.1 that’s relatively easy.


Start 5.7.4 make a note of all your databases export these and then stop servers.


Extract 7.0.1 to a new folder and start servers.

Create databases as noted above. Use the above exported file/s to import tables.

Now copy your site/s from 5.7.4 folder www to 7.0.1 www folder.

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Not a good idea to overwrite one version with another. Configuration files mismatch (paths will be different) there may be other issues.


“How can i start two mysql service(old and new) simultaneously? “


This page may help Multi-Servers:



It allows you to run more than one server simultaneously.

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