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Can't run


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It's telling me port 80 is closed. Before you go "YOU'RE AN IDIOT TURN SKYPE OFF" (that's what most people do) I don't have skype installed. I googled my problem and found some things to do. I found that it was PID 4 that is blocking port 80. I'm not going to stop that because it's system. So I found the IIS that's apparently running. When I turn it off, it turns itself back on as another PID. I obviously can't change that. So, I went in to try to change what port Apache listens on and it won't let me save the file. I checked permissions in the folders and on the files and I have full permissions. It says access is denied regardless.




I suppose you can have system specs.


OS: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

Processor: Intel i7 Quad Core @ 2.8GHz

RAM: 4GB (kinda pathetic, I know...)

Video Card: ATI Radeon 5800 GDDR5 (1GB)


I'm not sure if you need any more?

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