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downloaded PHP manual HTML zip file and unzipped it to desktop folder 'PHPMANUAL'. When I open the html file the browser displays a blank page and TASKMANAGER shows that 100% of the CPU usage is taken up. As I need to know more about using PHP I could realy use this manual.




Any help greatly appreciated. :(

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Can you post a link to the file you downloaded?

Hi Coral

Got your message earlier but could not access the forum earlier from the link. Maybe because I had not loged out last time? I don't log out normaly so that when I get notification I don't have to log back in. This works on some forums?

I believe I accessed the php manual from sourceforge.com which directed me to a mirror site in Mexico for the download. I've been trying to record the addresses of the sites in my notebook/diary as I haven't set the history in IE8 past today when clearing the cache every couple of hours to test the website localy.

Unfortunatley I don't have the recorded UL this time as I had attempted it more than once after it failed to open more than once. Maybe I should have used a California mirror but probably did the first time with the same result. I'll delete the file and try the download again from php.com!


found it 'http://mx2.php.net/download-docs.php' which redirected me to a page for from/a/mirror

I chose 'mx2.php.net' Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana as mx2 applies to the original site.

The file I downloaded is 'php_manual_en.html.gz'

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I just deleted and re downloaded the file unzzipped and clicked on php_bigxhtml.html file and it automaticaly froze the system. Taskmanager showed it was using 100% of the CPU again! I'm guessing the file is corrupted or just to large? :(

Or does it have to be placed in a Uniserver folder first for it to run? If so, which one?

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Like you I tried the php-bigxhtml.html (43M) with similar results this was directly run on FireFox. I think you should give up trying to use this file. :(


Alternative is to download php_manual_en.tar.gz and extract using something like 7Z. This extracts to folder \php_manual_en.tar\php_manual_en\php-chunked-xhtml (78M) containing individual files. Double click on index.html to start viewing files in a browser.


If you want to run this on Uniform Server copy folder php-chunked-xhtml and all its contents to folder UniServer\www. Start Uniform Server type following into browser address bar http://localhost/php-chunked-xhtml/index.html


You state “As I need to know more about using PHP I could realy use this manual.”


I would recommend downloading the CHM version php_manual_en.chm Once downloaded right click on this file and select properties and then click unblock.

Run file by double clicking on file. A CHM file allows you to easily navigate contents and to perform searching. :)

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First off, you do NOT need to serve these files in order to read them. Just open them directly in a browser.


Secondly, even if it seems a good idea, the one huge HTML file is BAD for this purpose, since it clogs your browser cache (and who knows what else). It contains all the graphics as well. everything is dying just doing the render.


Sometimes the SIMPLE approach is the best. Corals is right; download the tar.gz.. HOWEVER, even this doesn't need to be served via UniServer. Just use a browser to open it directly.




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Thanks for the tips, downloaded both files, the html file unzipped generated another file I had to unzip and that created the php_chunk file folder. I searched for index.html in that folder and chose out of a long list exactly 'index.html' when I clicked on it the browser opened to PHP MANUAL with excelent links to PHP info.

I then added it to my Favorites as PHP manual. Maybe I should just keep the .chm and clear some space on the hard drive? Seems like a whole lot of html files in the chunk folder?


Funny that the .chm file requires an internet connection to run but It would be overload so I guess I have a whole lot of studying to do! :(

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