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Can't access to a virtual host


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Yes, but exactly for what type of access?


If you use the tool in The Uniform Server to create the vhosts, it will add an entry to your HOSTS file to the route for your vhost site. Example:


This will be rather unhelpful if you want to use it for external access to that vhost, because it doesn't go far enough.


You can follow the information in the Wiki about DtDNS, which is a dynamic DNS service. The result will be a DNS name that will convert to your (current) WAN IP, the one presented to you by your ISP.


Then you'll need to set your router to forward port 80 TCP to the INTERNAL address of the machine on which your server is running (like And you need to pin that address to the machine, so that DHCP doesn't move it around.


That gets the requests to your web server. The vhosts entries also set up the target directory for your web server. You need to have at least an "index.html" file or similar, so that you have something to serve to the requests. This would be the location to put up, say, WordPress, or other app.


Hope that helps, and be sure to look in the Wiki.




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