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hi i have uniform server up and running on a windows server, i need to move my whole project to another new server. how do i go about this? do i just copy out the folder to the new server or is a special function to export it out?


thanks :(

Jeret Christopher WEB DESIGNER
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do i just copy out the folder to the new server?



The beauty of the Uniform Server system is that it's portable. What you may have to do, though, is to check whether your application needs to be adjusted if the domain name is changed. I know that WordPress requires this. It's a simple change in one of the database tables, specifically wp_options. The siteurl and home entries need to modified to reflect a new domain name.


But if you use the same domain name, you should be good to go.



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If you want to upgrade uniform server and keep your old files then:


Enter phpmyadmin, select the databases you want to take backup of, click export, export the database. (download a text or archived file and save it for later).


Then enter Uniserv/www/ copy all files inside here.


Then move Uniserv/www/ files to the new server, enter phpmyadmin, and import the database you just exported earlier.


And your pretty much done.

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Uniform Server newbie guide:
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