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New release of PHP (5.3.6) has signalled a move away from VC6 binaries to VC9. The Uniform Server team believes this to be an opportune moment and has merged Nano and Carbo into a new series named Orion.


Orion has been in beta for some time although the intension was to introduce significant changes to the control architecture it was decided not to pursue this. Orion uses Nano’s very stable control architecture and Carbo’s VC9 binaries. Both have a proven track record and hopefully will minimise issues during this transition period.


Note - To run this version of Uniform Server the Visual C++ 2008 redistributable package is required. It can be downloaded from:



UniServer 7.0.0 Orion:

Core components:

Apache 2.2.17

MySQL 5.5.10

PHP 5.3.6 - Update


Go-Pear 1.1.2

msmtp 1.4.23

eAccelerator 1.0-snv427

WinBinder 2010.10.14

OpenSSL 1.0.0d



UniServer 7.0.0-Orion



The Uniform Server Development Team ;)

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